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Electronic Nomination Agreement

If your partner institution has sent you a contract proposal, you can either validate, print or correct the E-Accord and send it back to your partner for further discussion. You can also initiate agreements with all your partners. A test mode is also available to test all the possibilities of E-Accords. Please follow the following steps to manage your e-appointments of incoming and/or outgoing students only at your partner`s request. All you need is an institution`s account on moveonnet. It`s free. Electronic agreements are the standard electronic procedure for issuing exchange agreements. This procedure allows both institutions to work on the same draft agreement and can be used by all higher education institutions via moveonnet. Communication is fully automatic by email. At the end of the negotiation, the final agreement can be printed with a single click. 4 main steps: The process consists of the stages of the appointment, acknowledgement, student request and decision (acceptance or refusal).

As a premium user of e-procedures (including the use of e-conventions and electronic transcripts), you can use e-nomination to manage incoming and/or outgoing e-appointments with all your partners. To change your status to “premium user,” please download the activation form for premium subscriptions. Use: e-nomination, a moveonnet platform service, can be used by all institutions in Europe or outside Europe and for all incoming and outgoing students, regardless of exchange programs. To manage e-agreements for your institution, your institution must be registered in moveonnet and you must log in with your institution`s username and password. Your institution doesn`t have a moveonnet account yet? Click here to register your institution Click here for more information on electronic procedures and the European working group behind electronic procedures. Communication: Communication between institutions and with students is fully automated and uses e-mail templates. Click here to find the FAQ section for all registration questions.