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Excelsior College Articulation Agreement

You can transfer up to 105 credits, including credits purchased from other colleges. To obtain a bachelor`s degree, you must obtain at least 12 credits from Excelsior. For a transfer course, you must acquire a degree of “C” or more. 4. This agreement enters into force if all signatures are affixed and remain in force for five years from that date (the last signature). The agreement may be amended or renewed by mutual agreement and is formalized by the revision of this agreement. Issues of concern regarding this articulation agreement should be brought to the attention of the Director of Collegewide Academic Review or the Dean of the Hudson Valley Center at Empire State College and the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Orange County Community College for discussion and amendment. 1. Those with A.A. and A.S. a. students who pass on the main campus (Houghton, NY) – A graduate student of an A.A.

or A.S. will have met all the essential criteria (integrative studies) for a bachelor`s degree from Houghton college, with the exception of two courses, Bible literature and initiation to Christianity. Students who transfer at least 60 hours to obtain a bachelor`s degree are automatically classified as juniors. b. P.A.C.E. Students – For students with A.A. or A.S., H. transposed to P.A.C.E., only biblical literature or initiation to Christianity is necessary to meet the requirements of integrative teaching.

P.A.C.E. Students must be at least 23 years of age and have successfully completed at least 64 hours of acceptable college work. (b) completion of course work that cannot be transferred by SUNY Orange with Excelsior or by transfer of a credit source recognized by excelsior. Excelsior does not limit the number of credits that a student or employee can transfer as long as the credit meets the education requirements and comes from an authorized source 3. Each college is committed to making the implementation of this agreement known, as far as possible, for example. B the inclusion of procedures and descriptions in each school`s catalogues, web pages and newsletters. This literature makes it clear that the individuals or offices of each institution are making contact. Orange County Community College is committed to informing interested students of the provisions of this agreement.

In addition, Advisors from Empire State College are available at appropriate times to explain educational opportunities to students and provide transfer information. This agreement provides procedures for promoting the simple transition of the associate in applied sciences (A.A.S.) and associated in Science (A.S.) Graduates of Orange County Community College (SUNY Orange) at the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) at New York State University College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill (SUNY Cobleskill). @SessionsCollege President Gordon Drummond @JillMalandrino the @Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss increasing 100% interest and enrollment of online colleges and training providers. The following list of Orange suny articulation agreements with other colleges and universities are organized according to program and degree. (c) credits obtained by Excelsior College and other accredited colleges and universities, as well as training, certification and examination programs, which were assessed and recommended for college credits by Excelsior College, the American Council on Education College Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) or the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NATIONAL CREDIT Recommendation Service). Some statutes of limitations apply. Kailey P. Soundara Academic Partnership Specialist Excelsior College, Washington DC Center MAIN: (202) 601-1201 LIVE: (202) A list of institutional programs and links to the agreements listed below is available under programs by institution. The Community College of Philadelphia has transfer contracts with Excelsior, which are specific to the following programs, but students can move from one of the graduate programs of the university employee.