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Kent State Salary Reduction Agreement

In April, Kent State announced a series of cost-cutting measures to offset a $110 million deficit projected under the COVID-19 pandemic, including a wage adjustment model that gradually introduced larger wage reductions for higher-paying employees. Workers who participate are entitled, for a fixed period of time, to other health insurance and education waiver benefits. Employees who are not represented by AAUP or AFSCME, as well as the faculty represented by the AAUP, receive three months` salary plus three months` salary, or $20,000, depending on what is less, the statement said. Employees represented by AFSCME receive eight weeks` salary. The last day for those who accept the offer is June 30, 2020. Kent State`s non-unionized employees, who earn more than $38,000, will reduce their salaries. President Diacon takes the largest pay cut of 12.5%. The cuts are applied on a salary basis: during the KSU board video conference, Todd Diacon, president of Kent State, said it would likely involve downsizing. President Todd Diacon, who receives $475,000 a year, took the highest percentage of the 12.5% reduction, followed by a 10% reduction for cabinet members, deans and those earning $200,000 or more.

The percentages of reduction decreased for lower wages, and those earning less than $38,000 did not see a reduction in wages. School officials said it would cut the administrative budget by 20%, meaning staff salaries will be cut, as 70% of the university`s budget is made up of salaries and benefits. Faculty members representing unions at Kent State University will manage without an increase and administrators and employees will see pay cuts in fiscal year 2021. The level of payment is approved by the payslip in the event of a salary review. The wage deduction is only possible for full-time workers from Kent State University to university for 6 months or more. The KSU Foundation Board on Wednesday (May 6th) approved memorandums of understanding with the Faculty of Tenure and Nontenure Track in the Kent State Chapter of the American Association of University Teachers. The tariff units have agreed to terminate their contracts next year and renew them by one year. Full-time tenure monitoring school will be a 0% increase in fiscal year 2021 as a result of this agreement.

A similar agreement was reached with the full-time faculty represented by the union to defer wage increases in fiscal 2021. The deferrals will save the university about $2.5 million over the next fiscal year, according to a press release. There is no discount on employees earning less than $38,000. The union representing teachers has agreed to forego annual increases for the next fiscal year. They also agreed to extend the current collective agreement by one year. For employees who are not represented by the AAUP or the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Board of Directors has approved a salary adjustment model for fiscal year 2021. President Todd Diacon will receive a 12.5% pay cut. Cabinet members, deans and other employees in these categories will see cuts on a slippery pay scale, the press release says. There will be no pay adjustment for employees earning more than $150,000 or 7% of university staff. The cuts came into effect on July 1 and the university said the wage adjustment would be reviewed in September.

The amended agreements defer increases for the coming year and extend contracts by one year. The postponement of the increases is expected to save the university about $2.5 million in fiscal 2021, a university spokesman said.