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Participant Agreement Form Bournemouth University

Presentation of an online questionnaire or survey remember if your research is about individuals: participant information sheet – Participants` Information Sheet – Children/Adolescents Parents/Guardians Research activities such as data collection should not begin until the online ethics checklist (including participant information/agreement forms, if any) has been approved. Adult Contract Form Contract Form for Parents/Animators Consent Form (for children/teens who agree to participate (under 16 years)). Information sheets for students used by students who are in post-graduate school. When you collect data from a questionnaire, you`ll find more information at the “Participant Information Models for a questionnaire or an online survey.” When you collect data on a questionnaire, you`ll find more information in the “Participants` Information Sheets for an Online Survey/Quiz – on ALL Use.” Participant Newsletter Presentation – General Use Newsletter – Parents/Guardians (required if children recruit as research participants) A participant should be informed of the purpose, methods and possible uses of the research, what their participation in the research entails and the risks involved, if they exist, so that they can make an informed decision as to whether or not they wish to participate in your research. Give your participants a participant information sheet and contract form so that a participant has enough time to think/ask questions before accepting participation (consent). Participation must be voluntary and unconstrained. Anonymous questionnaires (not the collection of personally identifiable data through a research participant): read the “How to create your participant information sheet”…. Advice With regard to the inclusion of children of a large age group, it may be useful to provide separate IP sheets for different age groups. Always adapt your IP card to the participant. Depending on your research, you may need to consider a number of different forms or a customized version of the forms as follows: The university has produced two useful research ethics papers; The first is a useful guide to creating your participant information sheet and the second is a model consent form. Both documents can be viewed on the Research Ethics page on the blog.

. A document on “What awaits them when filling out an online ethics checklist” is available for download. . If your research involves human involvement, please take a look at the documents and discuss them with your supervisor/ethics officer if you have any questions. . The process of auditing and ethical approval varies according to the status of the researcher (bachelor, graduate student, graduate student [pgr], staff) and the level of risk reported. . Participation Form (PAF) General UseParticipant Agreement Form template (PAF) – Parent/Guardian . .

There are a series of models available (see below) – download the models that are right for you, and the research project you`re going to do. Please note that if you are a part-time doctoral staff member applying for research authorization for your PhD, please complete the checklist as a postgraduate researcher and not as a collaborator.