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Visa Merchant Service Agreement

A merchant is allowed to offer discounts for cash payment, however, the discount must be indicated as a reduction in the standard price. Some merchants (z.B government, education) in Canada, Egypt, Russia and the United States have the right to assess the service fees for Visa visa card transactions can permanently prohibit a merchant, Internet service provider (IPSP), a sponsored trader or any other entity or one of its main owners, accepting visa or visa Card Electron payment for a number of reasons, but usually for one of: Learn more about Visa rules than consumers or merchants In general, Visa is a method of payment and not a method of coercion or contract. However, under certain conditions, certain types of dealers (accommodation, rental [vehicle, bicycle, boat, equipment, motorhome, motorbike, truck/trailer] and trailer/camping parks) may accept a guaranteed reservation (the cardholder provides a Visa account number, but does not pay at the time of booking to ensure that accommodation, goods or services as booked and agreed with the merchant are available). For more information, please contact your Visa-Acquirer. In general, no. The Visa brand promise “Wherever you want to be” means that you can use your card wherever visa is accepted. The issuer must not block all transactions from a location or type of dealer. However, there are some exceptions. For example, where local rules require the issuer to block certain transactions or Visa has allowed the issuer to temporarily refuse transactions due to a risk of fraud. Note that Visa cards issued in countries with laws limiting international use have printed a caption “Only in a Country” on the card. In order to protect cardholders and merchants and to preserve the integrity of the visa system, we have omitted proprietary and competitive information as well as certain details of network security rules.

No travel service provider may impose an increase on a travel agency or reduce the commission it pays to a travel agency that acts as an intermediary for such a provider when the buyer uses a credit card to acquire the travel services of such a provider.