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Why Was The Namirembe Agreement Signed In 1954

3. When a function is performed by Kabaka under this Constitution, that function is performed by him, unless otherwise intended, by a written instrument signed by him, in the presence of a minister who signs the same thing as the witness. It was necessary to implement Baganda`s wish to see Kabaka return as soon as possible and the new agreement would enter into force, signalling it to Buganda with the advice of Her Majesty`s Government that the new situation provided for in the Foreign Minister`s statement to the House of Commons on 16 November 1954 must be created. bringing into full force the new constitutional rules for Buganda before Her Majesty`s government can accept the return of Kabaka. With this in mind, the Secretary of State informed the representatives of Grande-Éxed of Her Majesty`s Government`s wish that Kabaka return to Buganda as soon as possible, and the following agreements go as far as possible to systematically accelerate the return of Kabaka by the announcement made by Her Majesty`s Government last November. If disputes between the two governments cannot be resolved by the establishment of an advisory committee, the matter is referred to a joint meeting chaired by the Governor, members of the Executive Council and the Minister of Buganda. This meeting not only takes into account the general interests of the protectorate, but also takes Buganda`s advice into full account. Such a meeting may also be convened, if necessary, to resolve any dispute arising from a governor`s response to a Greater Lukiko resolution, if the matter cannot be resolved through the ordinary consultation process between the minister concerned in Buganda and the resident. The tasks entrusted to the Kabaka government are formally defined in a document that will enter into force at the same time as the agreement amending or completing the 1900 agreement on Uganda, which will be negotiated after the adoption of the recommendations of this conference by Her Majesty`s Government and Great Lukiko. At first, these tasks are those currently listed by the Kabaka government and in paragraph 2 of the Memorandum s on Constitutional Development and Reform in Buganda of March 1953.

The local authorities of the Sazas are the responsibility of the Buganda government with the Council and the support of the protectorate government; the situation in municipalities and shopping centres is examined in accordance with Article 47. In the development of the Community, the Buganda government and its officials collaborate with the protectorate`s development department. The list of functions can then be amended by mutual agreement between the protectorate and the Buganda government. Kabaka`s constitutional powers are exercised, as far as possible, by the proclamation of written acts signed by Kabaka and signed in the opposite way by a minister.