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East Of England Framework Agreement

The Hub Frameworks… If you have questions about access to CPP-Hub frameworks or the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership, please contact our Chief Operating Officer Lee Joseph. That is where we come in. As member companies, AQUA CLEAR and the services we offer fall under the “Analysis and Reconciliation” framework. This means that we have been recognized by the framework as being in compliance with the law and familiar with the framework and contract process and that we have been qualified as a recognized supplier. To view Hub`s specific contracts, please use the search feature below. You can search for a frame, keyword or supplier. A brief summary of the framework and marketing sheets is available, Hub members can access additional information after registration to the site. If you are part of a Hub member organization but do not have an individual login, please email to request one. As a result of our collaboration with the other NHS shopping centres – NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative and East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub – LPP members now have access to framework agreements developed by these hubs. LPP may not be able to support the use of the specific framework, for example. B due to resource constraints, but you can still access it as an LPP member.

In this case, the member should assume responsibility for the appeal process, but the LPP serves as a point of contact for questions or clarifications with the original platform. Hub members have access to a wide range of legislated framework and contract contracts, which offer a number of benefits, including cash facilities, legal compliance and immediate access, without members having to make their own individual purchases. LPP`s current framework agreements, including those we have taken over from other hubs, can be viewed here. If you are interested in accessing the framework agreement from another hub that is not yet available on our website, please contact us first. (Your contact is the relevant category of workflow lead.) If we have not done so yet, we will turn to the corresponding hub and get information on the framework and see if it has room for wider membership of the LPP. If appropriate, we will discuss the terms of access with the Hub and assist in your implementation of this agreement within your local organization. At the expiration of the previous analysis and reconciliation framework, the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub launched an expanded replacement contract. The new framework has been updated and expanded, with four new lots added to the area.