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Power Supply Agreement Erc

The ERC is also awaiting the Electricity Supply Agreement (PSA) to be tabled by Banelco and INEC. The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said on Tuesday that electricity distribution applications will be thoroughly examined, with some electricity cooperatives (CS) and energy suppliers engaged in a legal battle. BIPCor filed a complaint with the Mandaue City Trial Court (RTC) Branch 84, but its application for an injunction regarding Banelco`s award of a 15 MW electricity supply contract to INEC was rejected. Disputes between CFCs and energy companies are not new, she added. That is why the Authority takes the time to assess all applications, especially those submitted by the parties involved in the legal proceedings, Digal said. Bantayan Island Electric Cooperative (Banelco) and Isla Norte Energy Corporation (INEC) recently applied for a joint interim electricity supply contract (IPSA) with the ERC. Meralco had previously stated that expanding its portfolio with solar capacity would help reduce total energy production costs. If a deal is reached, it would be the first contract to supply the solar energy distribution company. BIPCor stated that there was “clearly systematic and coordinated efforts to relieve Bipcor at all costs as Banelco`s sole electricity supplier.” Dimagiba said the additional capacity would ensure low-cost electricity supply. 2.5. Statement by the bank/loan indicating the amortization, duration and principal interest during the cooperation period of the loan contract In its decision announced on 28 February, the Commission stated that it had approved the applicable rate of P5.39 per kilowatt hour (kWh) requested by the two companies and that it was subject to an annual escalation of 2%, as stipulated in the agreement. Supply sector.

The procurement sector is a public interest business. With the exception of distribution companies and electricity cooperatives with respect to their existing franchise areas, all electricity suppliers require an ERC licence for the market subject to countervailing measures. (P. 29, RA 9136) In its application, Banelco stated that it had initially asked BIPCor to continue to provide additional capacity to reinforce the electricity shortage, but “BIPCor considers that it is not possible to continue to provide additional capacity”, which has led Banelco to seek another emergency electricity supplier to remedy this shortage. He added that the best way to cope with rising electricity prices in the spot market is to ensure additional supply and to ensure the reliability of the plant`s operation. Section 2. Documents and support information. – The application for authorisation of the electricity supply contract must be accompanied by the following documents and information: Dimagiba stated that this measure would be very beneficial for the sector, because “there are power plants constrained by the outage because of their age and inefficiencies”.

“The applicable rate includes the costs associated with special point facilities for spTC`s two plants; However, this does not affect the Commission`s assessment of the point-to-point request,” the ERC said. In the meantime, the ERC assured stakeholders that the Commission would also finalise the reliability standards for power plants. Competition rules and redress procedures – prohibits anti-competitive behaviour and abuse of market power and establishes appropriate sanctions and remedies for such behaviour.