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Shopify Agreement

POS Equipment If necessary, you can purchase POS equipment from Shopify, which allows you to accept CP transactions and key transactions. POS equipment can be purchased from the Shopify hardware store, which is located here: (the “POS Equipment Store”). POS software can be downloaded for iOS devices from the Apple App Store under the title “Shopify POS” or “Shopify.” Your use of Shopify`s hardware and software is subject to the applicable sections of Shopify Platform`s terms of use. (i) Credit card allowed. To access and use services, the customer must keep a valid credit card on Shopify (“Authorized Card”). Shopify charges the authorized card for all one-time fees applicable to the store, including, but not just on one-time app or theme fees purchased by a store, and Shopify charges the corresponding fees on the authorized card in accordance with section 3.5 (e) (ii) below. The payment method can be changed by mutual agreement between the parties. The contracting parties to this agreement are independent contractors. Except for the collection and transfer of payments, credits or refunds between distributors and partners or, as expressly stated in this agreement, neither Shopify nor Shopify Related is an agent, representative or affiliate of the partner. Neither Shopify nor the partner have the right, power or authority to enter into or enter into an agreement for or on behalf of or on behalf of the other Party, unless the partner expressly authorizes Shopify to act on its behalf in this Agreement. In order to avoid doubts, Partner expressly allows Shopify to act on its behalf to collect and transfer payments, credits or refunds between the distributor and the partner.

This agreement is neither interpreted nor interpreted for the creation of an association, agency, joint venture or partnership between the parties, or such a relationship of responsibility. By accessing or using the Shopify API, you accept shopify Inc. and its associated companies (“we,” “our,” “we” or “Shopify”) with this Shopify API license and terms of use (“Conditions of Use”). Please read these conditions carefully, as this is a legally binding agreement. Shopify reserves the right to update and change terms and conditions by publishing updates and changes here: If a significant change is made, we will provide an appropriate email message and post a message on the Shopify Partners blog, on the partners dashboard or on the Merchant store administrator.