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Tenancy Agreement Landlord Selling

My wife and I live in an apartment that has been sold. The broker added a clause before our original signing, while we are getting married to the country, which says we have 90 days after our owner`s announcement that it was sold to evacuate, but mentioned in the email that we have “up to 90 days”. Occupy the unit: once they have taken possession, a buyer may choose to live in the unit himself or leave a close family member there. This would mean the owner`s father, mother or child or the owner`s spouse – not the owner`s brother or sister or the brother or sister of the owner`s spouse. If a family business owns the rental unit, a close family member would also include a person who owns all the voting shares or owns the family member. It goes without saying that landlords must guarantee the rights of their tenants as described in the law. The summary above does not exhaust all tenants` rights. I just signed my lease for 6 months, and my landlord said she would put the house on the market to sell, I didn`t even fully move in and I understood the hope that anyone who ever bought the place would rent it to me again, but the realtor has already brought people to look at the house. My rental contract goes for the full 6 months or they can let me go when they sell it, the only thing in my rental contract, which I see, about the house arta is owner for sale can enter signs: the owner can enter the premises in reasonable time to check, repair and show it to potential buyers , tent loans. The owner can install the usual rental or sale plates on the site.

I don`t see anything in my lease that says it`s for sale. Sanderson explains that landlords sometimes offer compensation to their tenants to encourage them to leave the property as quickly as possible. The rent is a duplex house and my former landlord texted me that the house was sold and send my rent to the new owner and took a picture of my rent check which I wrote to him with invalid. She sent me a message with the address to send a message to a new owner. The rent we live in is in New York and my new landlord is at CA. At first I thought that by law I had to sell a notification of the duplex and receive a letter from new owner before I check-e-mail (I have email check anyway) 2 months later no checks were cashed, afraid that this owner will bounce my account. Do I have to pay postal cheques and put money into a trust account? I don`t have a phone number for this new owner 3 days after I have my first rent check my oven blowing from my circuit my burner keeps working gas stove. I`m going to make a toast-watering. The apartment next to us has been vacant for 3 years, I realize that someone was in the windows that were open, the day I received the text from an old owner, had been cut, and I called the gas seller to close the main line to the propane gas tank so that the gas did not flow into the empty apartment.