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Unite Here Collective Bargaining Agreement

In many local contracts, workers have negotiated a benefit to provide certain legal services free of charge. A employer contribution allows workers and their relatives to receive free assistance for immigration services, housing issues, divorces, adoptions and other services. There are no deductibles or surcharges and there are no restrictions on covered services. Union representatives on Local 11`s contract enforcement team strive to ensure that all union contracts and collective agreements are respected and respected by the companies with which Local 11 negotiates. The Contract Enforcement team encourages workers to defend their rights by filing complaints if they feel dismissed in a disciplined or undisored manner. We represent all workers in appeals, mediation and arbitration proceedings. We make companies accountable for their treatment of workers and we allow workers to do the same through action and organization. If you need to file a complaint, go to a local office 11. Click here to find the Union office near you. Copies of collective agreements – union members and union employees have the right to obtain or view copies of collective agreements. Bonding – Union members or employees who handle union money or real estate must be required to offer loss protection when their union has annual financial and financial incomes in excess of $5,000. Disputes between landlords and tenants (increased rents, rent brakes, eviction) Officer reports – Union members and workers must submit reports on all loans and benefits or certain financial interests to employers whose employees represent their unions and to companies that deal with their unions.

Immigration (consultation, renewal of I-765 work permit, renewal or replacement of green card, citizenship application, consular processing, I-864 declaration of support, visas, legalization, asylum, DACA, etc.) Financial security – Union officials have an obligation to manage the union`s resources and ownership for the exclusive benefit of the union and its members, in accordance with the union`s statutes and statutes. Union officials or employees who embezzle or steal union funds or other property commit a federal crime punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment.