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The Span


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The Span (2015)
PVC tape, polyester film, two-channel video projection
Dimensions variable

Evening-length Multimedia Dance Performance
March 4th and 5th, 2015 @ Sky Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Produced by Gowanus Art + Production
Choreography by Brendan Duggan and Mallory Lynn in collaboration with the performers
Installation and Projection by Carmen Osterlye
Videography by Jake Saner and Jesse Rosenberg
Music by Hannah Epperson, Gabriel Medina, and Machinefabriek
Lighting Design by Nicole Gross
Performed by Kacie Boblitt, Amy Moore, Matthew Ortner, Holly Sass, Shelby Terrell, and Dan Walczak

“Schmecno” Nisus

Video for the new tech house track by Nisus (

Filmed in Petaluma, Winter 2010.

Touchphonics “A Million Pieces”

Touchphonics – A Million Pieces (feat. Alex Lee) from VIZIBELLE on Vimeo.

Artist: Touchphonics (feat. Alex Lee)
Song: A Million Pieces
Album: Destroy All Lines
Label: Elevated Press
Video: Carmen Osterlye

Brooklyn Wildlife
Womp TV

Harvard Bass & Nadstrom Teaser

Blasthaus Presents Harvard Bass & Nadastrom at Mighty SF, March 5, 2011 with Nisus and Sleazemore.


Video project collaboration with Brooklyn based artist Breanne Trammell/
HD video/ Music by Four Tet
Shot on location at my home in San Francisco
Summer 2010

txts in the age of mechanical reproduction

Photo series for Brooklyn based printshop Forest Object Fabircation’s Breanne Trammell

while aritist in residency at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley. Letterpress printing process video coming soon

KALA/Berkeley/July 2010

Kalen “Islands”

Island is the first track off of Kalen’s FALLEN FROM THE SUN EP.

Director/Cinematographer: Carmen Osterlye
Costume Design: Oak El
Production Assistants: Dustin Delaney & Clare Wadsworth
Music, Lyrics, Keys, Vox: Kalen
Production: Kalen & Leo Heubach
Engineering: Matt McCorkle
Mixing: John Davis
Mastering: Jay Franco
Drums: Wayan Zoey
Bass: Michael Thurber