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Cavendish Farms Collective Agreement

Lethbridge College is made up of several groups of employees, each with its own specific terms and conditions of employment. Collective agreements and additional resources are available via the following links. In addition to respecting collective agreements, all employees must comply with Lethbridge College guidelines and procedures. Today, he is a member on Monday and this is Joe Raffoul. Joe has been with Cavendish for 52 years! He has seen a lot of changes, including the plant that has changed ownership several times during his many years in the establishment. He saw hundreds of colleagues coming and going and changing his uniform 5 times. Joe`s colleagues say it has been a pleasure to work with him over the years. Thank you, Joe, for being a valued member. . #cavendish #wheatley #ufcwmember #unionmember #unionstrong #unionproud #membermonday #unionlife #livebetterworkunion #ufcw175633 #ufcw #1u #union #unionadvantage #unionyes #myunion #joinaunion #onlab #canlab The contract includes 129 full-time employees at Cavendish`s Leamington site. “We have identified a number of areas that show a clear and current need to improve efficiency and reduce costs. That meant some tough decisions,” Clow said. In a statement emailed to the media, the company said the layoffs are a response to increased production capacity from North American and European competitors.

Thursday`s news left many people wondering what to do now, he added. Cavendish Farms is an animal processing plant in Lethbridge with approximately 130 members. The loss of jobs for the region is huge, he said, since layoffs account for more than 10 percent of the plant`s unionized staff. NEW ANNAN ( – Cavendish Farms, part of the Irving Group of Companies, announced Thursday that 60 people have been released from its New Annan potato processing plant.