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Tenancy Agreement Window Cleaning

The owner might want the chimney to be swept and checked at least once a year to make sure it is safe. Some insurance policies do not cover the property unless it is done. I`d infinitely rather pay someone for it – and if you have a window cleaning clause in your rental agreement and you don`t clean the windows – it will happen to you. The money for window cleaning will be deducted from your deposit. Most importantly, the cleaning company must guarantee you a passport for the inventory of extracts. If the service is not sufficient, financial compensation or a new cleaning is due. The cleaning company you hire must respect a hygiene guarantee of at least 24 hours a day. You need this time to prevent the final check before the property starts to accumulate dust and dirt in a natural way. 8. Accessible windows could not be cleaned — 13% 9. Redecorated without permission – 12% 10.

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