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The Span


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The Span (2015)
PVC tape, polyester film, two-channel video projection
Dimensions variable

Evening-length Multimedia Dance Performance
March 4th and 5th, 2015 @ Sky Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Produced by Gowanus Art + Production
Choreography by Brendan Duggan and Mallory Lynn in collaboration with the performers
Installation and Projection by Carmen Osterlye
Videography by Jake Saner and Jesse Rosenberg
Music by Hannah Epperson, Gabriel Medina, and Machinefabriek
Lighting Design by Nicole Gross
Performed by Kacie Boblitt, Amy Moore, Matthew Ortner, Holly Sass, Shelby Terrell, and Dan Walczak


temple (2009)
live visuals for gaslamp killer
found and mixed video projected
60min live set
san francisco
july 17, 2010

Stage Show in a Box

Stage Show in a Box (2013)
Wooden box, parasol, steel piping, vinyl, electroluminescent wire, found metal and brass machinery parts


Monarch Hands

monarch hands (2012)
projection mapped video installation
electrical tape, mapped video projection
10’ x 10’
march 2012
monarch, san francisco

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Amex credit cards

All domestic and international airlines have at least one credit card available offered in similar partnership with major credit card issuers. The first card to offer this feature was American Express and Visa, back in the summer of 2014.


Scientists discovered a flaw in the security system of some credit cards - Tech Explorist

How to apply for a credit card with Amex:

You can apply online through the Amex site. This is the preferred method and best way to apply. It is very straightforward and quick.

In some cases you can download a free copy of the application form from the Amex website. The form is called the Amex App, and can be downloaded here.

You will need to create a user name and password to access the application site. The application process may take a few minutes to complete. To complete the application process, you must provide your name and phone number. A credit card is not mailed to you, it is applied for online. After you complete the application, you will be sent an email that will require your signature. You can request that the email be returned within 24 hours of receipt by simply telling us that you sent it back. Once you’ve requested a signature for the email, your account will be immediately credited. Once the application has been processed, it will be mailed to you within a few days of your submission. You may also access the application by emailing us. Your full payment information, name, mailing address, and email address are all sent in the email. You will receive one confirmation email.


spookfest (2009)
live performance visuals for the faint, basement jaxx, infected mushroom, crystal method, diplo, freeland, zombie nation, flosstradamus, steve aoki, le castle vania, jonathan davis, designer drugs, papparazzi, and classixx
the cow palace, san francisco
october 30, 2009