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Utopia Planitia

Petrify, 2015
Woven bamboo, clay, quartz, limestone, acrylic polymer
42″ x 15″ x 6”

Curated by: Kylin O’Brien
Featuring: Best Praxis, Bon Jane, Aimee Cavazzi, Jennifer Coates, Cara Cragan, Carmen Delaney, Corey Escoto, Clarity Haynes, David Humphrey, Jason Clay Lewis, LoVid, Carolanne Patterson & Jonathan Schipper

May 11-June 14, 2017 @ Field Projects Gallery

Field Projects is pleased to present UTOPIA PLANITIA, curated by Kylin O’Brien. Named after an impact crater on Mars, the show puts to the test a deep exploration of value systems and an inversion of the art market pyramid. Each embracing their own value-destiny, Utopia Planitia’s 13 artists have created 13 unique structures dictating the terms for the sale of their work. Seeking exchange systems beyond the monetization of their work, the artists have been free to include money in their arrangements, but only to tease out greater values. The result of this experiment, along with the 13 diverse works of art in the show, is a revelation of personal, social, and political potential. Utopia Planitia presents creative engagement as a catalyst for economic evolution and a conversation about our collective futures. More than anything, the show exposes the fluidity of value.

In the exhibition there are paintings, works on paper, sculpture, video and performances. Each artist’s work is available with its own agenda. David Humphrey offers his painting to a collector committed to beginning a cascading downfall of capitalism. Bon Jane invites participation in a ritual aimed at transforming transactions, forever. Clarity Haynes candidly proposes a straight-up barter. Jonathan Schipper presents an audacious contract for someone to sign. The variety in the show speaks as much to the human experience of value as the commonalities speak to our shared existence.

The Span


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The Span (2015)
PVC tape, polyester film, two-channel video projection
Dimensions variable

Evening-length Multimedia Dance Performance
March 4th and 5th, 2015 @ Sky Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Produced by Gowanus Art + Production
Choreography by Brendan Duggan and Mallory Lynn in collaboration with the performers
Installation and Projection by Carmen Osterlye
Videography by Jake Saner and Jesse Rosenberg
Music by Hannah Epperson, Gabriel Medina, and Machinefabriek
Lighting Design by Nicole Gross
Performed by Kacie Boblitt, Amy Moore, Matthew Ortner, Holly Sass, Shelby Terrell, and Dan Walczak

Clear Eyes Full Hearts

Clear Eyes Full Hearts (2012)
Wood, spray paint, twine
Dimensions variable
Collaboration with Sarah Sandman

Stage Show in a Box

Stage Show in a Box (2013)
Wooden box, parasol, steel piping, vinyl, electroluminescent wire, found metal and brass machinery parts


Mirco Geode

micro geode projection (2012)
a collaborative work in progress
by a common name & vizibelle
2”x2” paper geode, projected video (cat for scale)
april, 2012

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